3 Ecommerce Fashion Accessories Starter Companies For Sale

Investment and business go hand in hand- and both are equally tricky prospects. Not everyone has the resources or the time to start out of the blue. However, this does not mean that they can never truly own a business or have a steady source of income. This is why starter companies for sale have been taking off lately.

If you’re new to the world of e-commerce or dropshipping, then you’ll pick it up easily in no time. The best part about purchasing such starter companies is that most of the groundwork has been laid in and you need only step in and carry it forward. Before you make any executive decisions, here are a few things to know.

The Deal With Starter Companies For Sale

The very existence of a portal such as Exchange Marketplace is reliant on the fact that there are people who don’t know the 123’s of starting a business- but do have the necessary skill sets to run one. And run it efficiently. When purchasing starter companies for sale from a portal such as Exchange Marketplace you’re essentially minimizing the risk as much as is possible in terms of a new business venture- no loans, no hassle about getting it off the ground, and most importantly- not having to risk losing large sums of money.

Now, you may be tempted to find out what your options are and how the prices look like. What do you get when you get ownership of the company? And how will you even know what to do? Well, here’s the breakdown of three e-commerce fashion accessories dropshipping starter companies for sale- and here’s what you’re getting with them.

  1. Rubestars

Targeting a niche group is essential to filling a demand gap and Rubestars manages to do just that. Not only does it have jewellery collection for men, it focuses on a more chic boho style- complete with bracelets and earrings along with necklaces. It’s up for a sale price of 250 USD.

Ecommerce Fashion Accessories

With an average revenue of 156 USD per month, you’re getting a pretty sweet deal. The business has been running for three months with 14 average sales per month and has a decent social media following as well. You get all apps installed and products uploaded ready for sale. And besides, you’ll have to only put in about 2 or so hours per week.

As a potential future owner, you’ll need to work on advertising more which shouldn’t be a problem given the existing customer base, user friendly website, and social presence. As we speak, the website is still under maintenance with a list of new features coming.

With this purchase price you get the business in itself- domain along with all logo and branding. Of course, including the social media following.

2. Military Watches

Priced at 750 USD, this is a highmarked sale and for good reason. However, you will find an offer on it. Military watches is something you probably don’t think of when you imagine a lucrative business idea- but here we are. Through the help of oberlo dropshipping, this brand sells a large collection of products. The website draws about 76 USD per month spread out in an average of 181 sessions. You’ll get your hands on the biggest collection of men’s military watches online.

The very prospect alone is enough for investors to be interested. The only thing the business needs is some good SEO and a few social media ads- particularly Facebook. However, even if this is done slowly, you’ll make steady profit.

With the purchase you get full ownership of the store- product photos, domain, logo and branding, and not to mention a week long support post purchase from the previous owner.

3. Rings Hunter

Starting at a decent price of 200 USD, this is one business anyone can run. This is a small scale business started by those who love small jewellery, for others who feel the same. It was started out with the intention of the family carrying it on but that didn’t happen and now it’s up for grabs.

The business doesn’t take more than 5 odd hours a week or so to run, and the prospective buyer will have loads of help from the previous owner when getting started. Not only that, but you get access to the logo and branding assets as soon as you make the purchase. Not to mention the domain name and social media control with more than 3000 subscribers.

The brand has a reputation for stellar customer service, so you will be in good company getting started.

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