Benefits Of Using A Mobile POS Terminal For Restaurants And Cafes

Anyone in the cafe or restaurant business knows that making the experience wonderful for customers is exactly what keeps the business going. People are very excited about the latest technologies they can come face to face with- and what better place than restaurants and cafes.

Opting for a mobile POS terminal makes processing payments easier, faster, more modern- and if you do it now, then you have a uniqueness factor in your establishment. There are many benefits of using this technology with your customers- everything from increasing sales and efficiency to making service more efficient.

Technology Is Quickly Changing How The Point Of Sale Functions In Restaurants And Cafes

All of this adds to the relaxation and enjoyment that a cafe or restaurant is expected to provide. Here are a few benefits of this technology and why you should opt for this in your establishment.

Adds speed and efficiency

You can take any number of orders through a cloud POS system and deliver them to the relevant food station- be it the pizzeria, sous chef, salad station, or your barista even. The system is set up such that the orders are printed at a designated printer. You can provide this either with the prepared food or drink- or with the final bill in the end.

Payments are also made simpler and faster. The device itself can conduct payments- be it card payments (debit or credit) or cash. The POS works with any payment device you might have, or you can get a standard one from Shopify.

Reduce your startup investment cost

Let’s have a look at the non-mobile POS systems we have today. You will most definitely need a connected cash register, a whole line of expensive computers and a longer still list of softwares to make the whole system sync and running perfectly. Not to mention multiple workstations and servers just to get the information back and forth- there’s a significantly high starting cost that is often unrealistic for those looking to establish themselves.

With mobile POS- such as an iPad or a smartphone- you’re only keeping a printer and a payment hardware of some sort.

Updated menus and costs

If your establishment depends on in-season and in-demand products, then you’re going to need a way to change your menu items and costs as soon as possible. A cloud based mobile POS means changing your menus can be done in a heartbeat. A manager can access the menu online- not even needing an app. Log in with the right credentials and those with the access can change both ingredients, menu items, and prices all from their device- from anywhere in the world!

Stellar service across the restaurant

If you have a sprawled out restaurant which is often packed, you might struggle with lost or misplaced orders. Waiters could also interchange them and overall, your customers aren’t going to have much of a friendly experience. If waiting staff use mobile devices, this is less likely to happen. All orders are synced with the right tables. The best part about the Shopify mobile POS is that you can bill customers at your cafe right at their tables.

Better ground management

Having an eating establishment means you are required to serve any number of people that walk in through the door. Floor management is essential in such situations. So you can use your mobile device to change and alter floor plans, and move around tables and chairs as needed to best serve customers. Serving errors can easily be avoided- just brief the staff on the new plans.

A mobile cloud POS means that you’re spending as little time as possible while being the most efficient you can be.

Factor in your customers

Your eating establishment should never place anything above the comfort, service, and importance of the customer. Although what good customer service is may differ from place to place- its importance can never be highlighted enough. One of the best ways this can be shown is by factoring in the individual needs of your customers. Be it food allergies or simple preferences on how the food is prepared- nothing is more valuable than a customers request.

The mobile POS makes this easier. You can now make customer profiles! This can include everything like their previous orders- what they liked and didnt like. You can also tally any feedback they have given and implement it. This means even if you have new staff, your old customers can say they want the usual and get it right.


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