STD 10 – 12 Exam Postponed – Only these Cities

Exams postponed due to corona

Compulsory main subjects in Std. 10 are examined by the board and many optional subjects including drawing, industry, music are to be examined by the school in its own way and the marks of this examination are sent to the board by the school. These optional subjects have 50% practical and 50% theory exams. Thus every year this examination is shown in the academic calendar in advance and is taken in February but the calendar has not been prepared following Corona and the board instructed all the schools to take this examination during 15-17 April.

ધો.10-12ની બોર્ડ પરીક્ષાને લઈને શિક્ષણવિભાગે નવા આદેશ આપ્યા છે. પહેલા ગુજરાત બોર્ડે 15થી 17 એપ્રિલ સુધી ધો.10ની મરજીયાત વિષયોની થીયરી અને પ્રેકટિકલની પરીક્ષા શાળા કક્ષાએ લેવા સૂચના આપી હતી. પરંતુ કોરોનાને પગલે આઠ મહાનગરોમાં આ પરીક્ષા મોકુફ કરવામા આવી છે અને અન્ય શહેરો-ગામોમાં હવે 15થી 17 એપ્રિલને બદલે 15થી 30 એપ્રિલ સુધી લેવા માટે સૂચના આપવામા આવી છે.

Important news for Std-10 students has come up in Gandhinagar. Examination will not be held in 8 Manpa area schools. The exam will not be held from April 15 to 30. Students coming to the containment zone cannot take the exam. Separate arrangements will be made for students coming to the containment zone. Containment zone students must seek DEO approval. The circular of the education department has come against the examination.

  • Important news for Std-10 students
  • Examination will not be held in 8 Manpa area schools
  • The exam will not be held from April 15 to 30

Exam postponed in these cities

Because before the board exams started on May 10, schools were instructed to take the exams and send the marks online. But the board has postponed the exam in eight metros, including

  • Ahmedabad,
  • Surat,
  • Vadodara,
  • Rajkot,
  • Junagadh,
  • Jamnagar,
  • Gandhinagar and
  • Bhanvagar,

following the rising number of corona cases. While in other Std. 10 schools of cities and villages, this examination will have to be taken only at the school level, but the board has extended the examination days to maintain social distance among the students. Now the board has issued a circular to the schools to conduct the examination from April 15-30.

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