Top 5 beach destinations in Karnataka

The state of Karnataka is located adjacent to the huge Arabian Sea and shares a lengthy coastline with it. Karnataka is blessed by nature because of its location and attracts numerous tourists each day to pay a visit, to the state capital Bangalore, the historical Mysore and especially to the wonderful beaches it holds. So here are the best beaches to drop by whist in the state:

Top 5 beach

  1. Om Beach:

Ranked as number one amongst the beaches in Karnataka, this beach is absolutely a tourists’ destination. This magnificent beach in Gokarna is encapsulated by the greenery of the Western ghats on one side and the vast never ending beauty of the sea on other. The shore has unique white sand and rocks. Not just the natural allurement, but the beach offers numerous water sports as parasailing, motor boat, surfing, etc. This beach is worth a visit while in Karnataka.

  1. Malpe beach:

This particular beach is a natural harbor and is quite popular amidst the beaches in the state. Even though a fisherman’s cove, this beach is amazingly well maintained and the authentic charm of the beach is preserved. The beach has a very calming surrounding and is the perfect spot for those who wish to give their lives a soothing break. Too much of beach, is it? This place offers more. It has four rocky islands, very easily accessible, where you can enjoy the breath taking sea view all by yourself and fill your soul. This place has uncountable choices of adventurous water rides too. Definitely halt by this virgin beach and explore life.

  1. Kudle beach:

Yet another in the list of the assured beaches to visit in Karnataka is the Kudle beach. This paradise is the most loved beach in the country. A heaven on earth, this place is absolutely serene and peaceful. The gallant view of sunset is a must to watch from this beach. The freshness and the essence of the sea will penetrate your soul and create memories like never before. The beach is the most preferred by those who love tranquility. This place also has a number of water sports to choose from, but seasonal. Anytime of the year is perfect to spend time in this blissful place.

  1. Mary’s island:

The beach has gained its fame by the name Coconut Island, this island is actually a set of four stunning islands formed out of lava deposits, making it Geo Tourism Place. What make this place unique are the coconut tree plantations and the dead oyster beach. This place is a home to innumerable indigenous flora and fauna, which allures a lot of visitors in here. Wondering about how to make this place even more happening? They have a solution to this too. The island provides you opportunity to carry your memories as sea shells and you can collect as much as you want, and can go fishing too.

  1. Panambur beach:

Nestling along the shores of the huge Arabian Sea, the beach welcomes the holidaymakers with a very colorful theme. Happiness is a real thing in here and you will absolutely feel this as you step on to the beach. The marvelous port and the sunset view will get your hair rising. Along with these, jet skiing, Dolphin watching and the authentic and delightful Karnataka cuisine along the sea shore will create a memento in your heart. The beach is as stunning as a painting.

There are other beaches too in Karnataka, but the above for sure are entitled as the best. A day visit to the beaches will make your tour the best one for life. For further information you may log in to

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